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Study: Down syndrome may cause faster aging

Down syndrome is a qualifying condition for Supplemental Security Income. Although most people are familiar with Down syndrome, there is much left to learn about its effects on those who live with it. A recent study published in the journal Aging Cell last month is helping to bring us closer to understanding how it affects the lives of many people in Dallas.

The study found that people with Down syndrome age at more rapid pace than people who develop at a typical rate. The information they collected during this study is important to the Down syndrome community because the current average life span of someone who lives with Down syndrome is just 60 years.

Do you have to pay taxes on your SSD benefits?

Tax returns are due in just a few short weeks. As April 15 approaches, many people in Dallas who receive Social Security disability benefits may be wondering what exactly their tax obligations are. In today's post, we will help you better understand whether you might have to pay taxes on your SSD benefits.

Clarifying a common misconception about osteoporosis

While all of us would like to think that we are invincible, the truth -- however hard it might be to accept -- is that our bodies will break down as we age, making us more susceptible to certain debilitating medical conditions.

For example, consider that while bone density typically reaches its peak levels during a person's 20s, it typically starts to decline thereafter, such that the rate of deterioration eventually outpaces the rate at which new bone is created. 

Examining a former Yankee's quest for SSD disability benefits

It may seem hard to believe but the start of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is now only weeks away, meaning Rangers fans will soon be filing into Global Life Park in Arlington to support the team in its quest to secure a spot atop the standings.

Interestingly enough, it's not just the start of the season that's making headlines lately, as recent news reports have documented the struggle of one former major leaguer in his quest to secure much-needed Social Security disability benefits.

Why March is the time to learn more about traumatic brain injuries

From falls and motor vehicle accidents to assaults and sporting events, there are a multitude of ways in which a person can suffer a traumatic brain injury.

While most of us appreciate just how devastating a TBI can be, we often fail to grasp just how common this type of trauma really is and, perhaps more significantly, just how much it can change a person's life.

Do you understand the difference between asthma and COPD?

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that roughly 15 million adults here in the U.S. are suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, while another 19 million adults suffer from asthma. Furthermore, CDC statistics show that while roughly 3,500 people die from asthma every year, more than 130,000 people die from COPD every year.

As astounding as these figures are, many of us might be lacking a real understanding of what the difference is between these two respiratory conditions.

Dedicated to helping those with heart problems

Before February draws to a close, our blog would like to address how these 28 days have officially been designated as American Heart Month.

While you may question why it is that an entire month has been devoted to raising awareness about the importance of maintaining good heart health, consider that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified heart disease as the leading cause of death, meaning it is behind one out of every four deaths here in the U.S.

Will Congressional gridlock threaten disability benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration, $141 billion in disability benefits were paid to 11 million beneficiaries and their families in 2014. While figures like this are certainly eye opening as far as money is concerned, they are also eye opening in that they provide insight into just how many Americans are currently suffering from some sort of physical or mental disability that prevents them from working.

The reality, however, is that with this large number of disability recipients comes questions about the long-term solvency of the disability insurance trust fund, which is currently on pace to be drained of sufficient funds by the end of 2016 unless some sort of remedial measures are taken by Congress. 

Providing some insight on lupus, a debilitating autoimmune disease -- II

Today we'll resume our previous discussion of lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects millions of Americans. Specifically, we'll continue providing some basic background information with the aim of helping the public better understand this debilitating and sometimes deadly condition. 

The basics of the SSDI claims evaluation process

When it comes to the SSDI claims evaluation process, it is important to have a clear understanding of what the Social Security Administration takes into consideration. SSDI claimants all have to go through the same evaluation process, and having a firm grasp on what the agency is looking for can help one to develop the best possible claim.

What exactly is considered in the SSDI evaluation process? First of all, the agency will look at the claimant’s current income level. If it is too high, the claim is rejected. Next, the agency will look at the severity of the condition, and whether it meets the qualifications of an entry in the agency’s official listing of impairments.  

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